Jamell Place - Rebuild

Jamell Place - Rebuild

Posted Wednesday March 13, 2024

In 2020 a property maintenance report was completed on our Hawksbury Property Trust owned home at 64 Avonhead Road, Christchurch. This lovely bungalow had been home to a number of our residents for over 25 years. On receiving the Report, it soon became apparent that work and upgrades required to bring the old home up to required standards was significant and financial cost would not be a good investment in the long term. It was decide that the home would be demolished to make way for two new purpose built homes.

At this point the Board requested further information to determine what we could fit on the site and what that might look like ensuring that the homes would meet the needs of our residents.

Hawksbury worked closely with the Hierarchy Group to look at all options. Plans were detailed and after numerous reviews and changes a conceptual design was settled on. Tenders were requested and with the support of Inovo (Project Managers) it was confirmed that Morel Construction were to be the builders of the two new homes (soon to be known as 1 and 3 Jamell Place, Avonhead Christchurch).

The new build has taken 2 years from inception and significant input from a team of very committed, dedicated and studious people who have ensured that our residents have been considered in every decision to ensure we are meeting their ongoing needs.

A blessing of the new homes was held on the 12 February with our residents moving in on the 13 February 2024

Hawksbury are extremely proud of these homes and are thrilled to see our residents settled, happy and very content, as a sign of a job well done.

We are looking forward to celebrating and sharing the new homes when we have an official opening in the next few month once we have confirmation of the dignitary to officiate. 


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