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Terry has a passion for Planes


Terry has a passion for planes. He does not wish to ride on one, but he loves to watch them.  All planes, big or small, helicopters, gliders – he loves them all.

Terry has been supported by the Trust for over sixteen years,  living for many years at Condell Avenue before recently moving to Oxley Ave.  Progressing from a shy, insecure man who was reluctant to make decisions to a happy, confident person who feels safe in his environment supported by staff he has grown to trust.  Over this time Terry has been supported to visit places and take part in activities which once would have been too stressful for him.

When it was time to move homes for earthquake repairs Terry made the transition amazingly well.  This got staff thinking……..was now the time for an adventure?

Because of Terry’s love of planes staff had often considered the possibility of taking Terry to Warbirds Over Wanaka.  Much discussion took place but it was felt that such a big event was still too much for Terry.  

This year it has happened!  Terry and a staff member spent six extremely successful days in Wanaka.  Two days of travelling and four wonderful days watching the event.

Dreams sometimes take time to fulfill but what an achievement when it happens.  What next?  Maybe a ride on a plane?



Above: Terry at Warbirds and Terry at Wanaka


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