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Paul Maylam

October 2017

My name is Paul Maylam, and I recently moved in my new home at 5 Ranginui Drive, Beach Grove in Kaiapoi. I really like my new home, it is spacious and quiet, and the staff are very supportive with what activities me and my flat mates want to do during the day.

Mondays are my home day, where I do all sorts of activities e.g. House shopping, playing golf, going for a drive, helping with household chores including tidying my bedroom, vacuuming and kitchen tasks.

It used to only be me at home on a Monday, but Jenny Murphy one of my other flatmates has Mondays as her home day as well. I like it this way because I now have company when I do things or activities on my home day.

Today, with the support of one of our staff (Pat Webb), we decided to bake some scones for our morning tea, it was great as I got to make them for my Dad, he was visiting me today. We had so much fun in the kitchen, we really enjoyed making the scones and I felt empowered and proud of what we had done for the day. It was especially great seeing the finished product, eating them and getting the feedback that they tasted good and yummy.

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