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A Day to Remember

July 2017


Lizzie has always been one to talk about how she wants to go here there and everywhere…. Well now Lizzie can. Lizzie has her very own vehicle, will she be driving it “No” Will she have a Chauffeur - “Yes”, her staff.

Liz was delighted to have her 2006 Renault Kangaroo personally delivered to her on Monday 31st July by family friend Stu from Mobility Solutions.

It all came about after some discussion between Lizzie’s family and a couple of Hawksbury Management. It was clear that Lizzie wanted to have the independence to go out when she wanted not dependent on when the Trust vehicle or taxi was available…… So!!!! Why can’t Lizzie have her own vehicle, she can Judy (Lizzie’s cousin) said, and from there the dream became a reality. Lizzie’s parents had left Lizzie a Trust and this was a perfect way for Lizzie use some of it.

There was great excitement as Lizzie came out the front door of her home at Centre Street in Mosgiel to a sparkling silver car with balloons and ribbon in her favourite colours.

“Oh My God….. What have you done this time” was Lizzie’s reaction and as you can see from the photo’s Lizzie was thrilled. A cutting of the ribbon and then Lizzie, Judy and Annette were off for a spin around the block. "I can see out the windows" Lizzie said.

A fabulous outcome for Lizzie and a very simple process. Thank you to Lizzie’s Lawyer John Cornelissen for assisting in the process and making the “ Dream a Reality ”.


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