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Kellie’s passion for art

Kellie attends Artspace with Idea Services weekly and really enjoys having the opportunity to be able to express herself with her art.

Kellie is legally blind so this is a very much a tactile experience for her. Kellie is very proud of her art work and takes great pleasure in also ensuring that her experience is documented in her diary. Kellie takes her art work seriously and loves nothing more than sharing her master pieces with her family and friends. Kellie has an artistic flair which also extends to pottery, paper mache, knitting, and lego just to name a few. It is with anticipation that her friends and staff at home wait to see the next work of art appear.

Kellie recently had several works for sale (including the two flower paintings she is standing beside) at the Art Exhibition at the Dunedin Community Art Gallery. This was organised by Art Space, the art studio where she paints.

Well Done Kellie on your entries in the Art Exhibition.


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