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“Smile says it all”

Dennis Wright – Condell Ave, Christchurch
Dennis was left a sum of money by his mum when she passed away. Dennis’s family had pondered for some time on how this could be best used to enhance Dennis’s life. They wanted Dennis to have an opportunity to be the owner of a possession that would give him a sense of value and satisfaction.

Catherine, David and Ginny - Dennis’s family - talked about a number of options. Catherine was aware of how much Dennis enjoyed being out in her car or any car when they caught up regularly. An opportunity arose to look at options of purchasing a car for Dennis. Catherine had a good contact and soon what had been a dream came to be a reality.

Some number crunching and discussion was had and it became apparent that it would be affordable for Dennis to achieve this. Dennis would get real pleasure out of having a car his of own and that became no more apparent than when Catherine and Dennis went to look at the car for the first time and Dennis immediately got behind the wheel of a lovely Silver 2007 Toyota Blade. It was sold there and then to the very proud new owner Mr Dennis Wright.

You will see from the photos that Dennis could not be happier. Dennis has already enjoyed several trips in his pride and joy.
“Opportunities for real life choices are possible - dreams can become a reality” 


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