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Supported Living.

Live Your Best Life At Hawksbury. 

Supported Living is for people who want to live in their own home and have some support.

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Residential Support.

Across Canterbury & Otago, each home is individually managed by a committed team of support staff to ensure a relaxed, safe, friendly environment in which the people we support can thrive.

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Flexible Disability Support.

Since 2016 Hawksbury has been working with people looks at ways to transition from school to vicational activities, or move from home into a flat.

Hawksbury has been involved with four people and their families in the setup of their own flat where people will hold their own tenancy and will be in the driving seat around their own support needs and living arrangements.

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Vocational Support.

Hawksbury will support you to work towards gaining employment, developing life skills, and enjoying leisure and recreational opportunities of your choice.