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Gainford Street


Gainford Street


So, why is our home at Gainford Street so wonderful? Well, let me tell you …

The people we support enjoy a wide range of activities such as indoor bowls, swimming, YMCA and horse riding. We also have a mutually beneficial relationship with our local church – St Christophers. Each week our people are visited by one or two volunteers who come to our home. This is a great social time for everyone, there’s always so much to catch up on.

Every couple of months we have two ladies, who have an affiliation with Delta Friendship Trust, come and cook wonderful Asian food for us. The aromas from the kitchen are simply divine – enough to tempt anyone’s taste buds.

The physical location of our home is within easy walking distance to Avonhead Mall. The shop owners there have come to know us very well. We are also situated close to several parks, where we often go for a walk or have a picnic or simply just lie back and enjoy time in the sun.

The staff in our home are very enthusiastic and creative and new initiatives that provide motivation, entertainment or stimulation are always just around the corner. In a nutshell, our home is so wonderful because of the people who live here, the people who work here, the people who visit here, and of course because of all the people we meet along the way.

All of the people who live in our home are encouraged to help with meal preparation to some degree. We implement training programmes for those people who need to learn food preparation and safe food handling skills.

Each week we have a residents meeting and it is then that the following week’s menu is discussed. We ensure that every person has a choice in the menu – for those who cannot communicate verbally we have a picture book from which they can select their choice from. Several people often like to have family or friends over for dinner, and when they do we encourage them to decide what meal they would like to have, assist with cooking it, and then they play host so their guests can sit back and enjoy.

The staff in our home designed (not built though) a pergola for the garden area. We are very lucky that our backyard has all day sun which is great for barbecues (which we have often in the summer), playing cricket, gardening or just being in the sun. Then after all that activity we can sit in the shelter of the pergola with a nice cold lemonade and just unwind. What a great life!

Each year we aim to have a Team Building Day for our staff. It is a time when people, because of different shifts do not always work together, have the opportunity to learn more about each other and see each other in “non-work mode”. The days are always very different, very surprising and always a lot of fun.

It is my belief that as a result of these days, along with the staff dinners, we have a team of highly motivated and positive staff who take their responsibilities as carers to a higher level and therefore treat the people we support with the respect and dignity they deserve, and most of all the knowledge that they live in a home where people really care about the quality of their life – simply because we appreciate the quality of our own.


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10 Gainford Street
Christchurch 8042


Phone: 03 357 9969


Kerri Campbell




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