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Donations and Support

Hawksbury Community Living Trust is a registered charity (Charity Number: CC21582) and is funded by the Government to cover day-to-day running costs only. Doing anything above that gets harder and more expensive every year. For that reason we, and those we support, are enormously grateful when family members, businesses and the general public support our activities financially.


There are several ways you can help.



One of the most important ways people can assist Hawksbury is by donating money towards the operational costs of the homes. This money goes directly towards the running costs of the homes and is the most direct way your donation can assist the people we support. However, if you have any specific instructions on how you wish your donation to be used, please let us know.


In order for us to acknowledge and receipt your donation please download and complete the donation form and return to us by post or email or contact Susan McNarn on (03) 357 0072, email susan@hawksbury.co.nz .


Ways to Donate


Direct Credit:

Funds can be paid directly into our bank accoaunt at : Hawksbury Community Living Trust 02-0912-0225843-000



Cheques can be made out to Hawksbury Community Living Trust and posted to:

Hawksbury Community Living Trust

PO Box 39086, Harewood

Christchurch 8545


Remember to fill in and return the donation form so we can send you a receipt - Click Here to download a donation form


Wills and Bequests

A number of families have supported Hawksbury over many years and for some this has continued after they have passed away through the gift of a bequest. This may be something you have considered but never got around to acting on, or it may be you have simply never thought about it before.


Your consideration now by including us in your Will makes a great deal of difference to the quality of life for those we care for. We can make provision to use your gift in special ways if you wish, or you can allow us the freedom to use the gift where it will do the most good. The choice is entirely yours.


Your solicitor or trustee can give you more information about bequests, but in general there are three types of bequests:


  • Specific Bequest – gifts of particular articles of property, such as houses or land, shares, cars, furniture, jewellery etc given to a particular person or organisation.
  • General Bequest – usually sums of money or percentages of value of your estate given to persons or organisations.
  • Residual Bequest – what is remaining of your estate after the specific and general bequests have been distributed. For example, you may leave residual bequests to your family, friends, or an organisation such as a registered charity. In your Will you can nominate how this is to be divided.


For some people, making a bequest is the only time they will be able to gift an organisation which may have helped their family or someone they know during their lifetime.


Bequest Form
For your convenience, you may download a Bequest Form with suggested wording that is suitable to take to your solicitor or the person responsible for your Will. Click Here to download a Bequest Form


All gifts received by the Trust are treated confidentially but we welcome the opportunity to thank you during your lifetime and appreciate knowing your intentions when your Will is complete. This will enable Hawksbury Community Living Trust to plan effectively for the future.

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