At Gordon Road we have modern, purpose built homes with contemporary furnishings. There is a gorgeous outdoor area where we like to relax in the sun or chat over a cuppa with friends and visitors.

We have a large lounge and enjoy turning the music up loud and dancing and singing to our favourite tunes. Many parties are held in this area. We enjoy entertaining our many friends and visitors. There is also space for anyone who wishes to have quiet time.

As Mosgiel is flat, we try to walk as much as possible. Our neighbourhood is very wheelchair friendly and we can access all shops and services with the greatest of ease. We know a lot of local people and often stop to chat to our friends while out and about.

Some of the people we support participate in the local Salvation Army group and are picked up by church friends on a Sunday morning.

Our retired people have been welcomed into a local “Golden Age Group” and participate in many outings and bus trips. We have joined the local RSA and enjoy the community singing and other functions held there.

Some of our people participate in ten pin bowling and compete in a league once a week. We go to a lot of local productions and musicals and have a theatre only a block away. Most of our staff live locally and we hold regular fun activities and parties to promote a ‘family environment’.

Contact Details


83A Gordon Road
Mosgiel 9024

Phone: 03 489 4484
Fax: 03 489 4467
Email: Kim Morton


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