Oxley Avenue is a house situated by St Albans Park on a quiet street. We have a small but beautifully arranged garden. We have 10 people in this home. The home was purpose built to accommodate people with higher physical needs. We enjoy walking through the park and going to the local indoor swimming pool for a swim or spa.

The lounge is very spacious and very sunny. The people we support love to spend time sitting in their chair in the sun listening to their favourite music being played in the CD player. A very nice relaxing way to spend the afternoon. There is a television and video where everyone gathers around to watch the latest movies in the evenings.

The kitchen is the hub of the house. A lot of activities are centred around this area. Some of the people assist with kitchen duties, and others like to watch their meal being prepared. The big wide benches make it a great place to have a cup of tea, without having to sit at the dining room table.

Just off the kitchen, in our beautiful garden we have a gazebo. This is used a lot in the summer, with the people spending quiet times, listening to the birds in the trees and reflecting back on their day’s activities.

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43 Oxley Avenue
St Albans
Christchurch 8014


Phone: 03 365 3588
Fax: 03 365 3589

Email: Pio Palma (Team Leader) pio@hawksbury.co.nz


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