The people of Condell Avenue enjoy a relaxed, safe environment with opportunities to participate in a range of activities of their choosing including bowls, swimming, music, movies, discos and church. They are supported in these activities by caring staff members.

Condell is a spacious home where each person we support has their own bedroom decorated to their individual personality, interests and needs. This is their private area of the home where they can have time alone if they wish.

Our enthusiastic staff members recently raised funds and supported two people on a week long holiday to Brisbane. Closer to home, Hanmer Springs is always a popular destination of choice.

Family participation is encouraged with house barbecues, parties etc. regular contact is maintained with families through letters, phone calls and newsletters.

Staff assist people to keep in contact with family and friends. A popular meeting time is our Christmas function which often takes the form of a barbecue attended by people, their families, friends and staff. However, there is never a need for a special occasion! Visits from family and friends are welcomed at any time.

All of the people we support are encouraged to assist with daily tasks and to take part in household decision making. Ongoing support by staff ensures the skills of each person is utilised to the best of their ability. Close bonds have developed and they are happy to assist each other where they can.

Contact Details


61 Condell Avenue
Christchurch 8053


Phone: 03 354 2458
Fax: 03 354 2459

Email: Pio Palma (Team Leader)


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