Our home at Avonhead Road is situated on the corner of Avonhead Road and Jamell Place, right across the road from Avonhead Primary School.

We are a large single story white wooden dwelling to which the Trust has added a wing containing four individual bedrooms enabling eight people to live here, and a stand-alone unit of two separate bedrooms. In all, nine people call Avonhead their home.

We have a lovely garden with a huge London plane tree surrounded by a wooden deck, where we barbecue when the weather is fine. Each person we support has their own room and these have been personalised according to taste. All the people attend work placements and have a wide and varied social life.

The philosophy of the house is “We are here to work alongside, not for”. This philosophy has worked well with all the people contributing to the daily running of their home. We have a great group of parents who are fully supportive of all that we do.

Avonhead is a very relaxed and fun place to live and work. We are very lucky; we have a rather large spa bath with a hoist. A number of the people use this either as a therapeutic aid or just for the fun and enjoyment of it.

We also have a semi-independent studio with two bedrooms. There is a bathroom, lounge and kitchen.

In the main home, we have two lounges. One lounge has a very nice fish tank and people can go here to have some quiet time. The other lounge is where our television is; this lounge, as you can imagine, is the social ‘hub’ of the house.

Contact Details


64 Avonhead Road
Christchurch 8042


Phone: 03 343 4327
Fax: 03 343 4397

Email: Jo Ebuen (Team Leader) joselyn@hawksbury.co.nz



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